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ddoc Print and Preview is a shareware, 32-bit print-preview engine for all win32 operatiing systems.

  • Print and preview from PB, VB, and Delphi
  • Create and save print-preview documents.
  • SMTP and MAPI emailing of preview documents
  • Bitmaps, colored fonts, rotated text, paragraphs of text, lines, rectangles, pie sliced, arcs, and more
  • Mailing label engine
  • Shareware, $25, includes PBDLL source

2008-11-01 ddoc.exe update is available
I have released a bug fix for ddoc.exe. You can download the new version here. Just ddoc.exe is in the zip file as ddoc32.dll doesn't have anything to do with the problem. In previous versions of ddoc, the print-preview screen would come up blank initially. If you minimize, restore, or click on the screen, it would fix itself and display the page. This update works around that problem and forces the screen to display ok. The problem is video specific and happens very infrequently on XP, but often on Vista.

Buy now It's only $25 and includes pbdll6 source code! The password for the registered version will be emailed to you within 24 hours of payment. Choose one of the two purchase methods below.

Send cash, check, or money order via mail.

Files and downloads

  • Download the free evaluation version (v1.4 w/ nag screen).
  • Download the latest (v1.9e - 10-7-2003) registered version (password required).
  • View the manual on-line in html format.
  • Read the history file.
  • Screen shot of ddoc in action.
  • Watermark demo. Public domain (except for the logo) from Michael Mattias of Tal Systems. Big thanks to Michael for his time and effort!
  • IBasic Sample. Thanks to Dennis Comninos for providing a port of the ddoc headers and sample program to IBasic.